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There are a number of options for catering starting from serving coffee with sweets to a full meal. You may also ask an offer for a menu of your choice.

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At the time of transport, we always take care of the dressing of the loved one and putting the body in the coffin.
The loved one is usually dressed in cotton or linen shirt and cotton socks. The deceased can be also dressed in his/her own clothes. The wishes and habits of the religion is also taken into account.

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Program service

There is often a program in church and civil burials. The program can be displayed in a chapel or church and after a memorial service.

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Personalized funeral

We can arrange personalized funeral for the loved one, according to the last wishes.

If the desperate wish has been a funeral, then we can arrange such.

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Civil burial

The deceased belonging to a congregation will be sent to the last journey as required by his/her religion. Funerals for the ones to being religious or part of any congregation will be held with the same respect and solemn.

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Death estate

Our service also includes dealing with the death estate and inheritance divisions. It is a good idea to contact us on as soon as you now you need help with these. When you order the service through our partner, you will get a 10% discount on the prices.

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Sympathy quates for the memorial cards

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We are at your service in your time of sorrow

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Kaarna is a modern funeral home offering full service quality and personalized services. We will serve you according to your wishes: online, via telephone or personal meetings.

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