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Burial permit

The hospital will issue the death certificate to the registrar authorities by official notice and issue one copy to a relative. A doctor who has cared for your loved one will write a burial permit if there is no need for a further study about the cause of death. Otherwise, the burial permit will be written after these further studies.

For the burial, a burial permit is required, which will be delivered to the owner of the cemetery in the respected city. If the deceased is cremated, the permission is given to the crematorium owner.

The arrangements for the funeral can be started even before the burial permit is granted.

This is also the case with non-religious loved ones.

Cremation or a casket burial

Cremation is increasingly common nowadays. For example, in the Helsinki metropolitan area, over 80 percent are cremated.

It is possible that the loved one expressed a preference for cremation. The urn can be buried in an existing relatives’ grave or to a new burial site. The urn can be also placed in the Urn Grove.

Different ways for the burial

  • Casket burial
  • Cremation
  • The urn is placed in the Urn Grove
  • The ashes are sprinkled in the memory Grove without the urn
  • The urn is buried elsewhere

Invitation to the funeral

The guest for the funeral are invited and the place and time of the funeral is announced.

A death announcement with an open invitation to funerals.

The announcement of the death of the loved one. It can be accompanied by the invitation to the funeral. A thank you note for the attendants of the funeral can be also arranged. We will help you with these if needed.


We can agree on the photography of the event.


We can help you to with the possible life insurances, pensions and benefits to cut the cost of the funeral.


We can choose a new remembrance or engrave one to an existing tomb.

Carrying the casket

If a chest is carried from the chapel to the burial site, there should be at least six men or women carrying the casket. If the deceased is not heavy, four may be enough.

Our service also includes help for carrying if needed.

Death estate

The death estate should be dealt with within three months from the date of death.

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